Fatty Liver- Delicacy or Torture?

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I must be on a questioning kick these days!  I just find it very interesting to pick people's brains about different issues.  The production of Foie Gras is one that has been a hot button issue for quite sometime amongst animal activists.  I came across a very intersting article on cnn.com about Foie Gras pertaining to the production and controversy surrounding it. 

I am very interested to know your thoughts.  I suppose I'm especially speaking to my non-vegan readers, though I would like to hear from everyone.  I'm just curious to know your thoughts on the matter. Does it matter how your food gets to the plate whether it's foie gras or prime rib?  Once you know how an animal is treated, does that make you think differently about consuming it, even if you're not vegan?  For my vegan readers, what made you take the vegan plunge?  Was it more animal cruelty driven or strictly from a health standpoint?  Please see the article below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!



  1. I've given this a lot of thought. I wouldn't eat Foie gras. It's production seems unnecessary and cruel. I am however, a meat eater. I'm sure there are things about meat production that I don't know and to be honest, don't care to know.

    Recently, while sitting in traffic a truck full of pigs pulled up next to me. I presumed they were on their way to the Farmer John slaughterhouse. I looked at them and thought about how their day would end. I don't eat pork so it didn't present much of a dilemma for me. What about other animals? why am I able to eat some and not others? I think it comes down to justification.

    Some people think it is wrong that an animal should die so that a human can eat it. These people have compassion for all animals. I look at nature and see that it can be cruel. I am then thankful that I'm at the top of the food chain and take advantage of my position.

    We all have different places where we draw lines of compassion. Some draw the line at harming any animal for food, entertainment or any purpose. I draw my line at humans. I definately don't think humans should be food nor should they be harmed for the entertainment of others. Many don't see it that way. THere is a huge controversy brewing over the sport of football and how humans have been horribly injured because of it. I don't need to see a man hit another man in the head with his helmet. Others feel they have a right to watch this and think there should be no rule changes. Some of us watch boxing, football and MMA. Others feel this is inhumane.

    I think it's noble that some don't want to harm any animals. That's a long way for a species that used to feed humans to lions for entertainment. I think we still have a long way to go.

  2. Thank you so much for reading the post and your very thoughtful response. You make some tremendous points here. Most specifically where you speak of how we all draw different lines as it pertains to compassion and your link to how if humans disregard each other, then what should we expect regarding animals. Definitely something to think about.


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