Some Sweet Throwbacks!

Hey folks!

When thinking about what to post today - wait- I didn't have to think about it at all! My very dear friend AL, sent me a text telling me I should do something about sweet potatoes today.  He said some people were talking about them this morning on the news.  I LOVE receiving ideas for topics as it gives my brain a break!

However the only dilemma I had was that I was sure I had already spoken of these babies many times before because I happen to love them!  I decided to do some digging in the vault and see what I had dished out for you before.  Upon doing so, I came across these super slammin' soundin' (I know, overkill on the alliteration) recipes that you may have also forgotten about or perhaps never seen if you're new to Veggin'! Soo, here you go!  Thanks AL for being such a sweet potato and giving me the idea!  Check these out!

and always a fan favorite-- - this post contains bonus info on the health benefits of sweet potatoes as well!