Cruelty-Free Between The Sheets!

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Each day it seems I find something else that helps promote a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle.  Today it comes in the way of protection and I mean in the way of condoms.  Yes, I said it, there are vegan and cruelty-free condoms out there.  I was a little surprised by this myself.  I mean what makes a condom vegan, much less cruelty-free?

Well, Glyde condoms answers this question on their site.  Their slogan is "not all condoms are created equal."  There site touts that they are the only certified cruelty-free, social and fair trade condom.  I could insert some jokes in here, but I won't. LOL! Anyway, what makes their condoms cruelty-free is that they are made with no animal testing, and no animal by-products.  Little did I know until reading through their site, that traditional latex condoms use a formula that includes casein which is derived from milk.  Glyde condoms are a plant based product made from natural rubber latex.  Glyde says they are perfect for vegans and those that are allergic to dairy because the reason why some may be allergic to latex is due to the casein used to make traditional latex condoms.  Fascinating right?  I would have never guessed casein was used in the production of traditional latex condoms.

In any event, to learn more about their product and for ordering information, click here and "glyde" into cruelty-free lovin'!


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