The Veg Life According to Brod!

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I am so excited to introduce you to someone else living the veg lifestyle! Please meet my friend Brod and read his tips for successful plant-based living!

The Veg Life According to Brod

So, you're a Vegetarian, now what?

 Whether you saw the Christmas program featuring the fictitious reindeer Bambi, or you went to a protest march in college denouncing the effects of global warming on the planet, or you feel an awesome responsibility to your creator and would like to take care of the body given to you, you're now a vegetarian. I forgot to mention some of you may have made the decision in order to impress someone you find irresistible.

  Regardless of the reason, you have made the bold step to eat healthier and stand out as leader amongst the sheep. Take courage, this will be a great journey for you with life changing benefits. This path will require conviction and an internal drive not to give into the mouth watering honey barbeque wings without bones so you can inhale them without any obstruction. The way the flavor hits your tongue and...I'm sorry. What was I saying? Yes, this journey will require an internal fortitude not to give up after a few months. Many of you may have heard stories about a friend of a friend that went vegetarian, but it wasn’t for them. As you dig a little deeper the revelation of only a 3 week period of dedication becomes more apparent. They were wussies. You are stronger than that! You can definitely last longer than the careers of some of the one hit wonders in the music business today.

I won’t bore you with the stats of how eating better can improve your quality of life. (That may come in future articles.) Instead, let me give you some practical things based on my 16-year journey coupled with the experience of my Father's 40-year journey.

1. Decide why you are making this switch

In order to be successful on any journey, you must determine the purpose for the journey. Along the way there will be pitfalls and setbacks. What will often help you is remembering the end game. What is the prize waiting for you? Are you doing this to improve your quality of life? To reduce the various diseases that are associated with diet? Are you doing this to lose weight? Do you feel some emotional attachments to animals? Whatever your reason, let it be that. YOUR REASON. If you aren’t convicted about the end game then at the first sign of a well smothered delicacy you will fail.

2. Think more about the creative possibilities versus the restrictions

If the thought of preparing tofu scares you, then start off with some of the meat substitute products currently available at almost every supermarket and food co-op. A great one to use is the Grillers Prime by Morningstar (you can use griller original, but I like the taste of the prime), these come in a green box usually in the frozen section. The largest retailer in the US usually sells them for a little less than other grocery chains (yes, they are nameless until I get a discount on my own purchases). Only two minutes in the microwave and then slice them lengthwise, add them to a skillet with onions, peppers, seasoning, some steak sauce and instantly you have pepper steak over a bed of rice! I can usually do this in about 20 minutes including the rice. You can do alot with this until you figure out how to incorporate some other protein packed items.

3. Be practical when sharing with others

One of the deterrents to eating healthy can be your family and friends. How do you switch from steaks to mushrooms or eggplant without your 16-year old threatening to find a new family? Or a spouse being on edge because “I lack the sustenance to be patient"? You’ve made this mental and emotional switch over a period of time. You cannot expect your family or friends to do it instantly. You may have to prepare two entrees for a while until you can find the balance. My mom is very adept at accomplishing this task. In my whole life I cannot recall seeing my father with a piece of chicken in his hand. My mother catered to her husbands preference while also providing healthier meat choices for her children. The great thing about cooking vegetarian is that it doesn’t take a long time to prep or get things cooked. Finding this balance introduced non-vegetarian eaters to a healthier life style without them feeling forced to do it.

You’ve made the decision to explore this bold new world of paying attention to what fuels your body. You are an amazing human being for making this switch. It’s bewildering how may people put the highest octane in their vehicles while placing the lowest sources of energy into their bodies. You are bucking the trend. You are reclaiming your destiny. You will win a million dollars. Hey, just making sure you are paying attention!

Be blessed!


Brod has been a vegetarian since 1996 and loves to share practical steps about eating and living healthier. He is a management and media consultant with Abram Leslie New Media Consulting.

Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful and useful tips Brod!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I especially like recommendation #3. When my mom became vegetarian, she'd still cook chicken for my father (she's past that now) because she didn't want to "force it" on the family. Overall, great tips!

  2. Hi Nicole,

    You're welcome! I agree that all of Brod's tips are fantastic!

  3. What a pleasure to read and reinforce what I needed to hear right now! I especially loved the part on practicality!

    1. Yes Takenya! I'm so glad this was right on time for you! Brod gave some really great tips!


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