Vegas Bound..Vegan Eats?

Hey folks!

Well, this weekend I'm off to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon! I've been to Vegas plenty of times, but it will be my first visit to the Grand Canyon so I'm looking forward to that!  Anyhoo, I did some digging on the web to try to find any places that I should try to hit up for some vegan eats while I'm there. 

I know I can always count on The Happy Cow, but thought I would go beyond that to see what else I could find.  While doing so I came across the following handy guide : "Surviving as a Vegetarian in Las Vegas" .  This guide has some great tips and information on what to look out for while dining in Las Vegas. I especially love this guide because my travel buddy is not vegan and it breaks down options where we can both eat.  So, we'll see where I make it to grub and I'll be sure to provide a recap upon my return next week!  So, if you are looking to hit up some slots in the near future, you now have a guide on where to also get some vegan eats on or near the strip to keep you full and happy while you're doing whatever will be staying in Vegas! LOL!