Are You Hungry or Emotional?

Hello folks!

Welcome to Wednesday! We're now in the middle of the road and I hope your week is coming along nicely! 

I came across a very interesting article on Health Central about emotional eating.  The urge to eat emotionally can affect anyone regardless of your dietary choices.  As I've mentioned before, even if you're vegan, it doesn't automatically mean you're healthy and you can be just as likely to succumb to overeating the plethora of vegan delectable treats that are now on the market.

I know I have fallen victim to eating out of boredom or stress and I'm not usually grabbing for a bunch of fruit to satisfy these triggers!  I will say that fortunately I am aware of when this is happening and know how to go inward and shift my behavior and get myself back on track quickly, however, I know many struggle with doing this.  So, I found the following article to be very informative and could be a great help to anyone out there that may be struggling with differentiating true hunger from the need to fill an emotional void, stress or boredom.  I feel it's very important to have a healthy relationship with food regardless of your dietary choices and to know how to really listen to your body and identify what it truly needs.

Check out the article here: