Smooth It Out..Naturally!

Hey folks!

Hope you're getting over the hump with ease! 

Photoshop seems to be a recent topic on the lips of many.  There are a lot more people stepping up and taking note about cellulite being photoshopped off of celebs and models in magazines and people shouting "why"?! Many feel we all get cellulite so why hide behind photoshop?  However, I decided to peel back the superficial layers and look at cellulite a little more closely.  Why do we get it and how can we eliminate it naturally!

I found a great article over on the Healthy Lady that discusses what cellulite is and 12..count 'em..12 ways to naturally keep pesky cellulite off your body for good!   As with most annoyances pertaining to our bodies, improper diet and lack of exercise are usually the main culprits for causing unwanted issues and cellulite is apparently no different! Check out the following article and find out how to smooth it out naturally! :-)

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