Support Vegtoons!

Vt_logo_square.mediumHey folks!

Hope you're making it over the hump splendidly so far!  I am very pleased to share with you some news about a great new project I just found out about!  Vegtoons is an animated series that is an independent educational initiative to promote plant-based diets.

The producers of the series just launched a grassroots fundraising campaign through Kickstarter to help move forward with production. It is only a month-long campaign, from July 30th through Aug. 31st so they need supporters to act fast! They are inviting people to become co-creators of the show by contributing through Kickstarter.

Here is a direct link to their kickstarter page:

I find this project to be a tremendous idea and would love to see it come into full fruition and for them to reach their goal so let's help them do so!  Please visit the link above for more information about the series and to watch a teaser clip.  Let's help make Vegtoons a reality and continue educating people about plant-based living in a fun and light-hearted way!