Are You Up For The Challenge? #EatingRules

Brought to you by Eating Rules
Hey folks!!

Happy Friday to ya! Today I wanted to let you know that I signed a pledge that you might be interested in as well.  Eating Rules is launching it's October Unprocessed Challenge again this year and I am going to participate!  The challenge is to eat only unprocessed foods for the entire month of October.  I already get the feeling that some of you are shouting, "but what about Halloween, I won't be able to have vegan candy!"  I'm sure we will all survive.

I think this is an excellent challenge because eating unprocessed foods really makes you more aware of what you're putting in your body.  It helps you to really focus on eating whole foods which should be the majority of what we are eating in the first place.  So, I challenge you to take the pledge with me and go unprocessed in October.  Please click here to get all of the details you need to get started!  I know you can do it and I'm excited.  If you plan to join me, I would love to know in the comments!  Let's do it!