Vegan Doesn't Always Equal Healthy

Hey folks!

I sent a tweet out yesterday stating: "Centering your diet around "vegan" processed foods is not going to cut it!" It certainly won't!  Even if you have chosen a vegan lifestyle, you are still susceptible to weight gain and other health issues if your plate is filled with potato chips more often than vegetables.  There are plenty of unhealthy vegans walking around.

While I find it great that veganism is becoming more mainstream and there are a plethora of vegan alternatives, you do have to watch your intake, portions and still enjoy certain foods in moderation if you want to be healthy and vibrant.  I found the following article over at and they discuss five vegan "healthy" things you may be eating that might be secretly adding unwanted pounds.  You can get it here

Remember, just because it's a "vegan"  choice doesn't automatically make it the "healthy" choice.  Choose wisely and indulge moderately!