Hey folks!

Happy Halloween to you!  If you're planning on heading out to an adult party or trick-or-treating with the kids, please be safe!

Well, I can't believe tomorrow is the first of November and 2013 is right around the corner! Lots of changes are taking place with me personally and I am excited about the next transition for me.  So, I wanted to shift gears a little bit and share a few changes on the horizon.

I want to first give you an update on the October Unprocessed Challenge.  I did participate but halfway through I began thinking about the challenge differently.  While this particular challenge calls for people to give up processed foods for just the month of October, I began thinking beyond the 31 days.  As I mentioned before, I know keeping processed foods to a minimum is best overall, so I asked myself what changes I planned to make going into November and beyond.  I had to realisitically assess what would work for me as a lifestyle and not just for a one month challenge.  I decided to keep up with limiting my intake of processed foods to a large degree.  My biggest vice has always been sweets, so I am going to keep those at a minimum as an occasional treat.  As for all else, whole foods are best and when a package is in the midst, it should contain the least amount of "pronouncable" ingredients.  I began living this way halfway throughout the challenge once I made the determination to continue on as a lifestyle.  I have always done my best to be mindful of limiting processed foods, so this challenge served as a reawakening of sorts for me.  If you participated in the challenge, I hope you made it through and also came out with a renewed way of living and eating!

Starting tomorrow, I will be participating in WEGO Health's, National Health Blog Post Month!  I will be blogging daily throughout the month of November using the prompts provided by WEGO health.  I may add in a little something extra if the prompt is not totally vegan related as I go along.  This will be the first time since I started this blog that I will be going back to writing each day.  We are given a two day pass on writing which I may or may not use, we shall see. :-)  In any case, I'm excited to share with you on a daily basis and hope you will keep up with me!

Okay, so there you have it!  A couple of changes for me, do you have any changes on the horizon for yourself?  Feel free to share in the comments!

Also, please check out my latest Frugivore article, I'm examining PETA's latest ad and asking, "how far is too far" in promoting the vegan message?

Bring on November!