Meatless Monday Menu- Stuff Some Peppers!

Hey folks!

Happy Monday to you! For those of you have been following, I am still participating in the WEGO Health month of health posting.  I just decided to move those posts to by Veggin' Vitamins page.  So, head on over there to check out today's and all future posts for the month!

It is Meatless Monday and I found a wonderful recipe featured in the Washington Post (shout out to the hometown for reppin' vegan grub) that I wanted to share!

It is a stuffed bell pepper recipe that incorporates vegan pesto and quinoa!  They are calling this recipe one for wellness and I couldn't agree more!  Not only do they give you a great recipe, they provide you the lowdown on why it packs such a nutritional punch!  Get the goods here and enjoy your Monday!  Here's to a fabulous week!