Thankful for Health

Hey folks,

It's Thanksgiving Eve and many people are scrambling around getting last minute things for the holiday.  As I mentioned in a previous post, it's important to remember what is most important during this holiday season.

I am especially thankful for my health.  I am so grateful that I am physically and mentally (depending on who you ask on the well!  I am human and at times do fall short of making all the right food choices, but I am aware and that is more than half the battle.  This year in particlular I find myself in a reflective state and intend to approach this season a little differently than I have in the past.  I will allow myself an indulgence here and there, but I won't use the holidays as an excuse to go overboard.  Unfortunately that is the "tradition" that has been created.  We give ourselves way too much leeway during the holiday season and promise to get back on track come January.  For many, the Thanksgiving meal extends all the way until where the December holidays pick-up.

Honoring our bodies and living in health should not come in seasons but should be something we strive for each day.   There is nothing wrong with enjoying a decadent meal and dessert, but don't use the holidays as an excuse to leave healthy eating and exercise in the dust.  So, I encourage you to stay on track and keep up with your exercise regimen throughout the holiday season.  Show your body how thankful you are to it by not being its part-time lover.  Give thanks to your body each day! ;-)