Natural or Synthetic?

Hey folks!

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed today and came across a very informative article about vitamins that I want to share with you.  As with most things, there are two schools of thought pertaining to vitamins.  Some experts say you should definitely take a supplement as many of us don't get all the vitamins we need from the food we eat, while others claim your focus should be on getting the right balance of food so vitamins won't be necessary and claim that many supplements can be harmful.

Over the years, I have gone back and forth between taking them and not taking them. I do currently take a B12 supplement (pictured).  I do realize that in our busy lives, it is very easy to not get the recommended daily allowances of everything we need, thus making vitamins a viable option to make sure we're covered. 

However, the problem comes in when the vitamins we're taking have sneaky substances in them that could be doing more harm than good overall. As stated in the article: "Some manufacturers of commercial vitamin and mineral supplements add synthetics to vitamin products, typically to increase the vitamin's potency, but many synthetics are made from derivatives of coal tar - a known carcinogen found in cigarette smoke."

Eek! So, after going through the checklist in the article, it looks like my vitamin B12 supplement needs to be replaced stat!  I intend on speaking to a holisitc doctor to get further information and guidance on what types of natural vitamins I should take going forward.  All vitamins are not created equal and the synthetic stuff needs to get the boot!

Click here to read the article and always do your homework!