I'm Doin' It! - My First Fitness Competition

Happy Monday folks!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I know some of you are off today and still enjoying!  I am very excited to share some news with you all today!  I added another page to Veggin' last night- Fitness.  This page is going to be dedicated to all things pertaining to physical fitness.  I am very happy to add this page to the site because know I feel we are more well-rounded here.  Of course it's of utmost importance to eat healthy, but making sure you are moving your body is just as vital and I want to start highlighting that aspect.

However, the most exciting part for me is that for the next several months, I will be using the Fitness page as my personal diary as I train for my first fitness competition!  I am inviting you to come on my journey and hope you will stay with me throughout!  Click here to read the introduction and my first official entry with more specific information about the contest and the training I've done thus far will be coming up in the next couple of days. 

As always, I appreciate your support and can't wait to share with you!