It Doesn't Have To Be Difficult!

Hey folks!

Happy hump day to ya!  I hope that your week is coming along nicely.  One the thing things I hear quite a bit from people when talking about vegan living is that they think it will be too hard.  What do you eat, is a question I STILL surprisingly get!

So, for those of you that are thinking about adopting a plant-based lifestyle, there is no need to be overwhelmed.  For the most part, you can continue to enjoy most of the meals you currently enjoy sans animal products.  I often speak of "veganizing" your favorite dishes because I find it's a surefire way to help you be successful along your journey.  There is no need to stress out and over-think things.  You also don't need to be a chef and make elaborate meals (unless of course you want to).

I made the pictured black beans and brown rice dish and it couldn't have been easier!  I sauteed the beans in a pan with some yellow onion for extra flavor and then added it to some brown rice.  I wanted some greens in the dish, so I just added Trader Joe's "Power to the Greens" mix on top along with some chunky salsa and nutritional yeast flakes.  The other great thing about this dish is that I made enough brown rice and black beans to last a few days, so all I have to do is heat up the leftovers!

So, thinking simple and planning ahead can certainly take you far on this plant-based path! If you would like more personalized help and meal planning, be sure to check out my services page!  Remember to keep it simple!

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  1. I think the biggest issue that impedes my even attempting to adopt a vegan diet is that question.That's crazy because I know you well and I've never heard you complain about finding something to eat.

    Another problem is the all or nothing mentality I have about it and how that plays into the social aspect of it. I know that even if I quit eating all animal products for six months and went to a barbecue or Super Bowl party, I'd probably want to munch on something with meat or cheese (because there in those settings, there are few choices and I enjoy those settings). Once I did that, I could no longer consider my self a vegan or if I limited my animal consumption to a couple times a week or month I still would be "failing" as a vegan so I don't even try.

    My goal should be just to lower my meat consumption and take it from there. If I end up totally eliminating it from my diet, fine. If not, at least I would have a healthier diet than I presently have. I continue to struggle.

  2. Hey Moody,

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! You said it all in a nutshell in your last sentence. Just focus on first lowering your overall meat consumption and see how that goes. Once you do that and start replacing your meals that contain meat with other things, it will become easier as you go along and you won't think about it as much, it will just be a natural progression. It's a process and taking baby steps is a good way to start! It is best to get out of your all or nothing mentality because that is surely what is holding you back from even taking the baby steps. One day at a time, one meal at a time.


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