Are You Going Enough?

Hey folks!

I've finally pulled myself out of vacay mode and back into the swing of things!  I had a fantastic birthday weekend! Now, it's back to business and in this case I mean "the" business.  I know this is a topic that no one likes to discuss, but it is so necessary.

It really blows me away how many people I've come across that do not have regular bowel movements.  Many people think it's normal to only go a few times a week!  This could not be further from the truth and not going enough can have major health implications.  I found this article that breaks the bowel issue down quite nicely.  The article gives 13 tips to improve your bowel health and they are all doable! Check it out here and make sure you are "taking care of business!" :-)

"Good bowel health gives us energy and vitality and allows us to fight off infections and illness. Healthy bowels create healthy bodies."