Ready To Eat Falafel!

Happy Meatless Monday!

Well, around here you know that every day is meatless!  Anyway, over the weekend I was at Trader Joe's and came across a product I had never seen before- Frozen Falafel.  All you have to do is heat and eat just like the package says!  I decided to give it a try because, let's be honest, having something on hand that is quick and easy is necessary from time to time!

The first time I was ever introduced to Falafel was when I was living in New York City.  I was in Brooklyn Heights (incidentally one of my favorite places in the city) on a date and he took me to a place to try a Falafel sandwich.  I took one bite and I was sold!  I've made my own Falafel before from the mix you can buy at the store and at several other places since then, so I'm definitely a fan!

Now, this heat and eat variety from TJ's were in a word- FANTASTIC!  I warmed mine up in the oven (because I don't use microwaves) and they were really, really good!  I highly recommend these for sure and will definitely be a freezer staple of my own!  If you adhere to the serving size (which I am and also suggest) you should get about four servings out of the bag and I think I paid $3.49--don't quote me for sure on that one, but the bottom line is the price was right! You just can't beat enjoyable and affordable!

If you've tried these, please be sure to let me know in the comments or definitely come back and let me know if you do!

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