In or Out?

Hey folks!

I hope your week has gotten off to a jumping start!  All day yesterday, I was looking forward to going home to cook my last meal for the evening.  By the time my day came to a close, I was SO tempted to order from my favorite Thai place because I was just feeling lazy.  The thought of chopping up onion to sautee with the Tuscan kale I had in the fridge was feeling very daunting even though my mouth was really craving the kale.

Well, I sucked it up and pushed past my laziness because I know the benefits of making my own meals.  While of course it's nice to have someone else do the work and grab take out from time to time, home cooking is always best.  When you eat the majority of your meals at home, you are in control of the ingredients and portion sizes.  I'm so glad I stuck with my original plan because my kale came out aammaaaazing and it was so simple.  Cooking at home doesn't have to be rocket science or difficult.  Plan and shop for the week ahead over the weekends and you will be ahead of the game.  Even more so, if you go ahead and prepare the meals over the weekend as well. So, I challenge you to make your own "take-in" menu most days of the week!