Just Because It's Vegan...

Doesn't mean it's good for you!  I just love the following article written by Colleen Holland of VegNews about her transformation from a junk food vegan to a healthy vegan.  Just because it's vegan doesn't mean you should eat it

PETA even has a list of "accidentally vegan" products listed on their website and sadly, most of them are processed items that are not very good for you.  I believe to get the most out of a vegan diet, your dietary choices should be centered around whole living foods just as Colleen points out in the article.  There are a lot of unhealthy, junk food vegans out there.  Just because one decides not to partake in eating animal products, does not automatically mean they are healthier.  So, if your diet centers around chips, pasta, breads and "veganized" version of the twinkie and a whole host of other processed products, you aren't really your body a favor.

Should you be condemned for having decadent bite once in a while?  No, but you need to know the difference between occasional and frequent if that is going to work for you. Colleen elaborates on this point by illustrating what she learned from living in France some time ago. "I’ve adopted this practice whenever I really want to indulge in a rich dessert—and have found that three forkfuls of that double-chocolate torte with coconut whipped cream can be incredibly satisfying, and all I really need."  I believe to really reap the benefits of a vegan diet, you must make whole and living foods your first choice at all times. 

Strive to be a whole food vegan!  To read Colleen's article in its entirety, click here!