Quinoa Fiesta!

Hey folks!

I hope the week is treating you well!  When I was preparing my meals last week, I decided I wanted to go south of the border with my quinoa dish!  I have seen many recipes online using black beans and quinoa and I thought it was high time I get on board and give it a try!

Well, let me tell ya, I'm so glad I did!  Not only was this dish delicious, it was so easy to make and it lasted all week!  As I've mentioned on the blog many times before, I don't write recipes, so the below we'll call some casual instructions. ;-)


Black Beans
Mixed Peppers (I just got the frozen variety from Trader Joe's to save time and duckets)
Yellow Onion
Olive Oil (optional)
Seasonings of your Choice to taste- I used Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Cumin, Garlic Powder and Trader Joe's Taco Seasoning packet.


Prepare the quinoa according to package instructions.  While the quinoa is cooking, drizzle a tad bit of Olive Oil in the pan (I am trying to cut back on cooking with oil, so that is why I say this is optional.  I just put a little olive oil on a paper towel and lightly coat the pan).  Toss in diced your chopped onion and let those sweat a bit and then add in the peppers and black beans.  Let all of that marinate together and then add your seasonings of choice to taste!  Once the quinoa is done cooking, add your black bean mixture to it and voila- it's fiesta time for your mouth!