Beans and Quinoa- A Perfect Union!

Hey folks!

It seemed like I blinked and an entire week just flew by! Well, one very exciting thing took place within that time and that is I was chosen to be one of the ambassadors for Black Fitness Today!  I am so honored and very happy about this opportunity.  You can check the deets and all the other ambassadors here!  I will surely keep you abreast of all the developments that happen there!  Now on to a recent success in the kitchen!

I was really in need of a new recipe to try out, preferably something that I could prepare on the weekend and would last me a while.  So, I did a search online and found this great quinoa and bean burger recipe  from Holy Cow Vegan and I AM IN LOVE!  Now, I must say that I modified this recipe quite a bit because I didn't have all the ingredients.  However, that is the best thing about these types of recipes, you can really make them your own.  For instance, I didn't have chickpea flour so I used a regular gluten free powder.  I also added Sriracha into the mix to give the burgers a kick!

Truly the best thing I've made in a long time and the wonderful thing is I am able to make enough patties to last me for a couple of weeks, because I just wrap what I'm not going to use in parchment paper and put into a container and store in the freezer! I used kidney beans with the first batch I made and black beans in the second batch. I liked the batch with the kidney beans a little bit better, but still enjoying the black bean ones nonetheless. 

This is one I definitely say to give a try.  I've been eating these as part of my pre or post workout meal with a side of vegetables.  They are delicious and an ultimate time saver!  Be sure to let me know in the comments if you end up trying them with or without your own spin to the recipe!