Sage Organic Vegan Bistro and Kind Kreme- A Winning Combo!

It happened one Saturday night.  I met up with my friend Chrystal of the Duo Dishes and Anyandeverywhere for what was supposed to be an innocent dinner at Sage Organic Vegan Bistro.  Sage had been on my to-do list for quite sometime.

However, I wasn't mentally prepared for all of the delicious looking items on the menu.  It wouldn't have been so bad or overwhelming for me if I didn't arrive there STARVING! There are two places you should never go starving and that is grocery shopping and out to eat!  Needless to say that I acted as if I hadn't had a meal in years and my whole clean eating when out the window!  Well, partially anyway.  We did split the appetizer of Crispy Samosa Rolls which wasn't too far out of pocket and the main course I selected was the Brazilian Bowl which consisted of quinoa, kale and other mixed veggies, plantains (one of my all time favorite things), and avocado. So, I was on good behavior with that selection. 

Where the trouble really began was with the Waffle Sundae we had for dessert.  Now, granted we did split it, but I'm sure I consumed at least half of my daily caloric intake with my portion.  Now, Kind Kreme is inside of Sage and that is where you can scoop up an ice cream dessert.  That sundae was SINFUL!  It was so delectable at the moment, but I paid for it afterwards when my stomach was crampin and like what the blankety-blank did you do! LOL!  Ah well, I saw, I ate, I was defeated. My tummy can only now take so much, so I need to watch it and of course with my training!  Even though I'm competing later now, I still gotta watch those treats!

The main thing I want you to take away from this is that both Sage and Kind Kreme should be on your MUST do list.  I will be back--just with more self-control next time. ;-)


  1. I need to make those samosa rolls. They wouldn't be hard to whip up!

    1. I'll be there with a fork! You just let me know when! :-)


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