Snacking At The Park!

Hey folks!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend!  Yesterday I went to one of my favorite places- Six Flags Magic Mountain!! I will never tire of roller coasters!  Look to find me at 90 riding them!  Anyway, the one downfall of theme parks is that there aren't that many healthy eats around those parts.  The "theme" for food tends to be sweet and fried.

So, if you're like me and you don't want to fall victim to even "accidentally vegan" and purposely expensive eats at the park, then packing your own grub is the name of the game!  I always carry a lightweight backpack with all of my stuff when I go to parks.

This time I packed up a wrap made with crumbled Engine 2 Curried Lentil burgers I posted about here.  They tasted much better dressed up with some spicy mustard, spinach and avocado and stuffed in a gluten free wrap by Rudi's. I also packed some gluten-free bean and rice chips to go alongside.

For a snack it was my trusted trail mix and an apple.  We ate breakfast beforehand at a new spot here in Los Angeles called The Grain Cafe which was great, so I was good to go!  Guilt-free eating and adrenaline pumping rides, it can't get better than that!

Remember, eating smart is not hard no matter where you go!  With proper planning anything is possible--even eating healthy at the amusement park!