Your Belly Wants to Go Pro!

Happy Monday folks!

I hope you had a great weekend!  I am looking forward to a fantastic and productive week and hope you are as well!  One thing that has been popping up around me lately is the benefits of probiotics.  When I had my visit with the acupuncturist a while back she suggested that in addition to taking a mulit-vitamin daily, that I add in probiotics as well.

"Probiotics are a good bacteria that help maintain a natural balance in the intestines and protects us from harmful bacteria."  I admit that I haven't added them to my daily regimen as of yet though I intend to especially after finding this article from One Green Planet, listing five plant based foods that are packing a probiotic punch! I've NEVER been a fan of Kombucha which is on the list and heralded by most as the probiotic drink of choice, but the others I may be able to get down with.  Looks like I will be searching for some recipes using sauerkraut in the near future! So,it's time to go pro and be extra good to that belly!