Beyond The Las Vegas Strip!

Hey folks!

Yes, I'm still in a Las Vegas state of mind!  I have good reason though because I was so THRILLED to see all the bountiful vegan selections in hotels we visited.  I definitely ate well! One thing I always like to do when traveling is seek out places that locals go to for vegan grub and though I've been to Vegas many times, I have never ventured beyond the offerings of the strip, so this time I wanted to make sure to make that happen and enter Pura Vida Bakery and Bystro!

 We found this place after doing an online search and the menu looked incredible. I was really in the mood for breakfast/brunch and their offerings were right on time!  The location is definitely away from the hustle and bustle of the strip but not by much, so travel time was only about fifteen minutes, give or take because we got a little turned around. 

I will admit when we arrived, there was a little confusion.  The sign outside said please wait to be seated, but we took that to mean once you got inside.  Well, we were wrong because when we opened the door we were told to please wait outside.  We were a bit taken aback by that, but we waited it out and only ended up being for a few minutes.  This is a small, family style cafe and after speaking with the lovely owner Chef Mayra, we better understood how things are run and you should DEFINITELY make a reservation- so be sure to do so when you get ready for a visit because you MUST go if you're in Vegas.

I was so hungry and there were so many great things on the menu so it was hard to choose.  I decided to indulge and got the french toast and vegan sausage.  When it arrived I knew there was no way I way I was going to finish it all and I was so wrong. I actually cleaned my plate!  Although my dish looked very decadent (which it was), it wasn't heavy AT ALL!  I was pleasantly satisfied and not lethargic or weighed down.  Everything is cooked to order (another good reason for a reservation) and the food was so fresh.  Chef Mayra only uses the best ingredients that are all non-GMO and organic and you sure could taste and feel the difference. 

So, I highly suggest you do not walk, but run here when you are in Vegas!  This spot is a definite go-to and is on my list for when I return!