Meet My Meals- Vegan Grub in D.C.

Taking in D.C-pretend tourist
Hey folks!

I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful holiday season!  I am having a great time back in the hometown and have a couple of more days to enjoy family and friends before it's back to the daily grind.  I thought I would just check in and share some of the eats I've been partaking in since I've been here!

On Saturday, I met up with my friend HF and he took me over to Woodlands Vegan Bistro for lunch!  Now, I suppose I was a little too anxious and greedy because I failed to take a picture of my plate, #fail.  In any event, I had the bbq "ribs", "mac n' cheese", greens and some cornbread.  It was quite good, the only thing that I would have changed was the amount of sauce on the "ribs", it was a little too much for my taste.  This is a spot that I would recommend and would also say it's a little more on the indulgent side.

Yesterday, I met up with my friend L and we went to Busboys and Poets.  I've heard quite a bit about this place and been itching to go.  They have three locations and we went to the original one on 14th Street.  It's not vegan, but they do have a nice vegan selection and a really cool atmosphere.  We were there during brunch so I got the tofu scramble, potatoes, toast and vegan sausage and some soy hot chocolate. I find tofu scrambles to be hit or miss for me and I would say this one was more on the "hit" side of things.  I wasn't jumping out of my seat, but it was satisfying overall.      

After sitting for hours talking, we grabbed a cupcake each from Sticky Fingers Bakery and enjoyed them with a cup of tea at L's place.  I had the gluten-free chocolate peppermint cupcake and L had a carrot cake cupcake.

I also made some homemade soup to have when I'm at the house and my mother so graciously went to Trader Joe's prior to my arrival to grab my items for my daily green smoothies!

So, that is some of what has been happening on the food front!  The best moments of course have been just seeing friends and family since the last time I was home was last Christmas.  I head back on New Years Day and am ready to tackle 2014, are you?  Have you discovered any new food joints or recipes during this holiday season?  If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments!