Meet My Meals!

Hey folks!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  I spent a good portion of my Saturday prepping meals for the week!  Since I've been making a concerted effort to limit my consumption of processed foods, I have been doing a lot more cooking.  It's been worth it because it has forced me to use more of the cookbooks I have!

My goal in 2014 is to make at least two recipes per book a month.  I mean what's the use of having all these great recipes at my fingertips if I'm not using them right?  Anyway, just wanted to give you a sneak peak at some of my meals!  I may actually start trying to share some of my meals with you each Monday, whether they are home cooked or not!

Soup has DEFINITELY been a lifesaver as of late.  Making a big pot of soup is such a time saver.  The soups I've made in the past couple of weeks have lasted the entire week!

Here is a vegetable soup with chickpeas that I had last week.  It contains low sodium vegetable broth, fire roasted tomatoes, onion, chickpeas, asparagus and spinach and a myriad of seasonings that I like!

I've made black bean soup twice.  One with carrots and celery and another with butternut squash.  They both contain low sodium vegetable broth, black beans, onion and fresh garlic seasoned to my liking! Trader Joe's has a taco seasoning mix that works perfectly with these soups!

The bean dip from The Healthy Apple, that I talked about here.  I slathered it on a sprouted Ezekiel tortilla and topped with cucumber and avocado.

Tofu Frittata- I think this was the favorite newbie!  This is another keeper from the cookbook "Peas and Thank You"!  I didn't make mine in a muffin tin as the recipe suggests and I also added sundried tomato.  I will surely be making this again.  I think for me this is an item I will most likely make for a brunch over the weekend, though I did have leftovers which was great! Here, I paired it with a fresh spinach salad!

So, there you have it!  Just a little of what I've been cooking up!  Hopefully this will serve as inspiration to get you in the kitchen too!  Have any good and easy recipes to share?  If so, please share in the comments!  Have a great week everybody!  One more week of work for me and then I'll be headed back east for the holiday next week!  Can't wait!  I already have some vegan adventures lined up while I'm there!