Meet My Meals: Chili and a New Favorite

Hey folks! Happy Monday!

Hope you had a splendid weekend! Mine was very productive! One thing I finally did was create a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to help with my fitness competition costs.  If you just glance to the left, you will see a link that takes you over to the page to get more info and donate if you are so inclined to do so!  I already have two supporters and I'm so grateful.  I'm not going to go into too much detail here because all the goods are there, so please check it out!  Now, on to my meals!

On Wednesday night I had a meeting that took place at The Crossing. I fell in love with this tucked away spot and fell even MORE in love with the vegan chili!! It was hands down the best chili I've ever had!  I will definitely be back again and again!  It was just a perfect combo of savory and spicy and I was sad to see it come to an end! Ha! 

I was so inspired that I decided to make chili to have as one of my meals this week and used this recipe.  One pot meals are such a time saver! Great recipe and I added some kidney beans to mine as well. It didn't compare to the tryst I had with the chili at The Crossing, but will still enjoy throughout the week!

Over the weekend I took advantage of the sweet deal at Veggie Grill to get a free new winter item by downloading their app.  I got the Barbecue Tempeh Plate and so glad I did! I'm quite sure this dish has knocked my favorite All Hail Kale Salad to numero dos aka number two.  It was divine and highly recommend it if you get to Veggie Grill!

So it was some good hits on the food front for me this past week. Any winners in your neck of the woods?  Please share in the comments! Have a fabulous week!