Meet My Meals- Gracias Madre

Hey folks!

Happy Wednesday to you!  Hope you're having a great week!  Almost a week ago, I had one of the most amazing vegan meals in recent memory.  My boss Juliet invited me and a couple of her girlfriends to the pre-opening of Gracias Madre here in West Hollywood (they have another location in San Francisco).  I had just heard about the grand opening just a day or do prior and knew I wanted to run there as soon as it opened based on the buzz I was hearing about it!

So, when Juliet asked if I wanted to go check it out, the answer was an emphatic absolutely! We decided to get appetizers, main courses and desserts to share.  There was so much food and every morsel of it was IN-CRED-IBLE!  The presentation of the food was beautiful and the flavors of the dish were perfect and tasted so homemade, easily the best Mexican cuisine I've ever had.  It was a beautiful night so we dined outside and the ambience of the entire restaurant is impeccable.  We even got to chat with one of the owners who stopped by the table and she was lovely and explained the concept and story behind Gracias Madre so that was a real treat as well. 

Gracias Madre is not just an amazing vegan dining experience, it an amazing dining experience period.  I am certain that if you are living plant based or not,  this restaurant would rise to the top of your favorites

I highly suggest if you live in Los Angeles or plan to visit soon that you do not walk, but run to Gracias Madre and you will be thankful indeed!