Welcome to 2014!

Hey folks!

The following post is another one from Veggin' contributor Marcea!  Check out her thoughts on the coming year and a milestone she is about to embark upon!  She's right that I gasped when reading this because I couldn't believe she actually would share this!  Kudos to her!

Happy New Year Veggin' readers!  I still can't believe its 2014!   This is a special year for me and Christa is going to fall over seeing me admit I'm turning 50 this year. I want to express my thankfulness that God has allowed me see life this far, and if I live to make it to 50, I'm truly blessed.

At almost 50, I take no medication on a daily basis, I don't have high blood pressure, and I think I look pretty good in terms of maintaining my weight and lifestyle. Stereotypes are the norm, but I strive to be the exception. No muffin top and sagging skin for me. I don't have it now, and I don't intend to get botox or partake in crash dieting in order to stay this way. Staying hydrated with water and 100% juice (don't be fooled by "cocktails" that contain only about 10% juice) and looking to healthy alternatives when craving something sweet or a late night snack are a couple of ways I keep things in check.

Make a New Years resolution to grocery shop and prepare meals rather than eat out on a regular basis. There are so many heart healthy and vegan treats to satisfy any craving.  I look forward to contributing recipes as well as lifestyle tips that I find useful to assist you in living longer and healthier lives.

Resolving to take a stand for your health not only ensures a happy and balanced body, but makes us turn 50 and still look fabulous! I plan to go in with a bang.  Here's to you Vegginites, and here's to 2014!