Meet My Meals- Competition Diet

Hey folks!

I hope you are doing great! I literally laughed out loud at this picture and while it's funny, it's also a true reflection of what many people think.  If I've learned nothing else over the years and especially more now while prepping for this competition is that dietary lifestyle choices do matter if you are seeking to attain a specific physical goal.

If you truly want a transformation for any reason whatsoever,you must eat according to your goals.  Now, while I eat mostly clean anyway with a treat here and there, my entire way of eating has changed for my competition and let me tell ya, it ain't nowhere near exciting!  My trainer designed a plan that is the strategic and deliberate and I now have to measure everything (except for the indulgent meal I do get to enjoy a week in these beginning stages). 

So, meet one of my meals, this is 3 ounces of tofu (no salt added), 3 ounces of mushrooms, 2 tablespoons of onions and 6 ounces of spinach. I eat spinach now at every meal except my first and last, you should just start calling me Popeye from now on! I have been steadily just reminding myself that food is fuel and focusing on my end goal when I find myself bored or craving something different.  It's all for a purpose right now and I know it will be worth it in the end!