Simple Salads!

Hey folks!!

I know, I know I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted either!  However, training for this competition is truly like having a second full-time job!  Whew! I'm now into my third week of training and nine weeks out from stepping on the stage!! Please be sure to check out my donation page and my fitness page here on the site for all the updates on how everything is going!  Now, onto today's post.

Since life has been so hectic these days, I had to think about how to keep you informed and motivated with your plant based lifestyle while being short of time.  Well, my first year of blogging I wrote EVERY SINGLE DAY, so that's a lot of content to bring back to you!  So, for the next few weeks, I will be pulling some of my favorites from the archives for you to check out if you missed them the first time around! This will also be fun for me because I've even forgotten a lot of what I have shared!  So, I hope you enjoy and appreciate the trips down memory lane!  I will do my best to still get some new content sprinkled in as well!

Since I recently had begun letting you "meet my meals" on Mondays, I decided to go back to a post to give you some simple salad ideas with a great dressing recipe for today!  Check it out and let's have a fantastic week!