My New Food Find- GoMacro-Macrobar!

Hey folks!

Happy Monday to ya!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was filled with trying to get everything I can't seem to fit into the week crammed in! Prepping for this competition is like having another full-time job!  I can't believe I only have five more weeks to go before I hit the stage!  Anyhoo, I recently made some changes to my meal plan because the protein powder (which I was reluctantly using in the first place) started making me not feel so hot after drinking it.

So, I needed to come up with an alternative replacement as the one great thing about the protein shake was definitely the convenience.  While I was in Whole Foods, I came across the Go Macro, Macrobar and I texted a picture of the ingredients to my trainer Tina to see if it would be approved as a replacement to a shake and she gave me the thumbs up!  Yay! Now, it was up to how it tasted to see if it would really make the cut and it passed with flying colors!  I LOVE the taste and I tried a few different flavors, but the one I have pictured here, Protein Pleasure is definitely my favorite! This one is surely a keeper and one I highly recommend checking out!  Be sure to come back and comment if you do!