It's Time For A Coffee Bar Evolution!

Hey folks!

Today's post is short and sweet! My friend Toni is currently raising funds to bring Evolution Coffee bar to Los Angeles!

Evolution Coffee Bar will be an eco-conscious coffee shop located in Echo Park, CA.  They have recently partnered up with Intelligentsia Coffee to utilize the best techniques in coffee service that are also eco-friendly and all pastries will be plant based and made by local artisan bakers.  What is even more awesome about Evolution is that for every cup of coffee sold, a hot breakfast will be donated to a child in need!

So really, how much more convincing do you really need?  Even if you don't live in Los Angeles or don't happen to be a coffee connoisseur, this is a very worthy venture and I personally know the woman behind it and I support it 100% ! So please click here to check out the Go Fund Me page for more details and to donate!  Please also help spread the word!

Each one, support one!


  1. Sounds good. I'd go over and grab a coffee and a croissant.

    1. Yes it does! I can't wait to see it happen and I'll be right there with you!


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