Your October Workout Playlist!

Hey folks!

Can you believe that tomorrow will already be the 1st of October?   Although, L.A. needs to get the memo that it's fall.  We're expecting some more near 100 degree temps this weekend!  Sorry, I digress.  My mind is blown by how fast this year is going by!  Anyway, our friend Chris over at Run Hundred has wasted no time in getting us the playlist picks for the new month!

As we get farther into the colder months, it's very easy to lose sight of fitness goals and become more sedentary and overdo it with comfort foods.  I encourage you to keep at your fitness regimen.  Don't allow the use of extra layers of clothing become a crutch for you! It's not about just trying to look good when it's warmer out and more skin is showing. Health and fitness should be a priority all year round and you should always strive to feel good and do the best by your body at all times!  So, hopefully this playlist will give you the musical motivation you need to keep it going!