Re-Thinking Fast Food!

Hey folks!

I'm back!  I have missed writing quite a bit, but it's been for good reason.  I've started my the personal training leg of my business and I'm doing some training at LA Fitness and that has been keeping me very occupied and on the go!  Which brings me to the reason behind today's post! I know I have discussed the importance of meal planning many times, most recently here.  However, when life happens and you truly don't have time to get things straight and ready for the week, sometimes fast food is the only option!

Yes, you read that right and no, I'm not talking about the traditional fast food chains of course!  I'm talking about making smart fast food choices when you are on the go!  Instead of opting to stop at 7-Eleven or the like and picking up some sort of processed snack, I encourage you to run into a grocery store and get some fresh fruit or throw together a salad if a salad bar is an option.  Oftentimes stores also have pre-made salads you can pick up.  The main thing you want to keep in mind when eating "fast food" is your overall health and picking up foods that provide real nourishment rather than empty calories.  You need energy to get you through busy days and choosing the right foods to fuel you is key!

As I mentioned, my new schedule is keeping me very busy and last week was also my birthday so I had other activities thrown in, so my planning and prepping meals was quite off balance.  So, I did rely on picking up fresh made smoothies, salads, etcetera while on the go as well as the veggie roll you see pictured that I grabbed from Whole Foods one night (which was A-MA-ZING btw).  I did what I had to do!

You know I will ALWAYS encourage and drive the prepping and planning way of doing things above all else, but when you find yourself in a pinch, think and choose wisely.  All fast food is not created equal!