Eat According To Your Goals

So, today after my training session with my client JC, I went to his kitchen to take inventory of his food.  Yes, I did a full kitchen search!  JC has been doing great with his workouts and staying consistent with his training sessions with me which is great!   However, the area that he struggles with most is his diet and they key to him really getting the results he seeks mostly lies there.  

I have been reminding him each week about the importance of shopping and preparing food for the week ahead in order to stay on track especially with his very busy schedule.  He did have quite a few healthy choices in his kitchen, but I did have to take the veggie chips you see pictured with me.  He thought he was doing a good thing by purchasing those and I understand his rationale for picking those instead of regular potato chips, but the point I had to drive home with him was about eating real food rather than processed snacks.  So, instead of eating “veggie chips”, he needs to eat and snack on real vegetables instead of this processed version.   JC did protest a bit about his veggie straws, but the more I gently explained my reasoning, he understood and gave in to my request.  

You must eat and make choices according to your goals.  With JC, it’s important that we tailor his diet and food choices according to the goals he has set for himself.  It’s important to establish healthy habits that will become routine so that when he does arrive at his desired goal, his mindset will be in the right place as well in order to maintain.  

I am not one that is into restrictive eating. I feel that food should be savored and enjoyed and you should allow yourself some decadent treats every now and again, however, if you are starting out on a specific weight loss journey or are trying to overcome any emotional issues surrounding food choices, then I believe that discipline and selective food choices should be implemented at first and then address maintenance for the long haul.