Holiday Health and Fitness Guide!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I can't believe the holiday season has officially begun!  I hope you enjoy a wonderful day filled with love, good food and fun and most importantly being extra thankful on this day!

Now since the holiday season has started, we know that means lots of treats and parties and oftentimes many skipped workouts.  So, I decided to create a guide or checklist if you will, to help you stay on track throughout the holiday season.  The goal is to stay fit focused all year long, so there is no reason to hold off until the New Year!  Each day is an opportunity for a new beginning! 

  Maintain your current workout schedule even on the actual holiday!  If you’re traveling, find out if your destination has a gym or other facilities and activities to keep your body moving.  If not, research exercises that you can do in your hotel room.  Where there is a will, there is always a way!

  If you’re in charge of preparing holiday meals, don’t make a meal out of taste testing your dishes. It’s very easy to eat an entire meal sampling the food.

  Drink plenty of water.  Staying properly hydrated will help keep your appetite in check.  Oftentimes we mistake thirst for hunger. 

  Watch your portion sizes.  Just because it’s a holiday does not mean that you need to pile on everything.  Always get less than what you think you want.  Our eyes are usually always bigger than our stomachs. Eat until you’re satisfied, NOT full.

  Watch your alcohol intake. Alcohol=empty calories.

  Don’t feel the need to eat the leftovers and desserts for days until they are all gone.  Freeze leftover portions to be eaten on another occasion.

  Eat normally throughout the day as you usually would.  Oftentimes, people will “fast” all day in order to feel better about eating more than normal later.  A holiday meal should be just that- A meal, not a feast.

  Listen to your body and enjoy responsibly and moderately.  Make the season more about family, friends and fun activities and set yourself up for success throughout the holidays and beyond.  Healthy living is a year-round venture!