Celebrate YOU!

Happy Monday folks!

I just wanted to pop in real quick to give you a little motivation/reminder for your week!

I want to stress the importance of celebrating YOU!

I feel too often we get so caught up in focusing on the end goal that we fail to really be in the moment and focus on all the progress that is happening right now!  So, I encourage you (and me) to not lose sight of each step that is taken toward getting to that end goal.  We must love ourselves enough to celebrate throughout the process.

Stressing out about those final 5lbs you want to lose?  How about instead celebrate and pat yourself on the back for the discipline and focus you've had that helped you lose the first 10?  Focus on how far along you've come and use that as fuel to help propel you continually forward.  Don't take any part of your progress for granted; celebrate each milestone on your path to greatness and your desired goals!

What milestones are you celebrating?  Let me know in the comments!


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