Is It Time to De-Clutter Your Life?

Now that we've wrapped the 12 Days of "Christa" Fitness Challenge, I want to shift focus for us to look at what is going on around us in our personal space!  If you've been following me for a while, you know I believe leading a healthy life encompasses everything in our world, not just physical fitness.

One area that I feel is a very important area of focus is having a clear and clutter free personal space.  I've found that having a clutter free space helps to clear the mind and keeps you from feeling bogged down and overwhelmed.

In my experience, I've discovered that this is an area where many people struggle and seek solutions to get their lives clutter free once and for all!

So, I reached out to my friend Dana of "The Tao Of Dana" who is a Pyramid School Feng Shui consultant and has amazing content surrounding this topic!  For starters, she has a FREE Feng Shui video series on de-cluttering which you can access here!

THEN, if you are looking to dive in even deeper, I highly suggest you check out her New Year Catalyst Camp Program! (Please note that I am an affiliate for this program and do receive compensation for those that sign-up for the camp through my link, please also note that I only promote products that I fully believe in and are aligned with my values). To get the full deets on this program and how you can sign-up, click here!

Dana also has a plethora of valuable information on her site that I encourage you to check out as well! I truly believe that clearing your personal space is one of the best gifts you an give yourself.  It's my hope that is new year and beyond finds you clutter free!